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What’s happening in the studio

Happy valentine’s Day! This post doesn’t have anything to do with Valentine’s Day but I wish you well none the less!

This is a quick post about what’s been going on in the studio and to share a glimpse at one of the paintings I have been working on. I haven’t updated my portfolio here for a while and I am certainly looking forward to catching up on that soon.

The painting above, as you can see, is in process. Generally speaking, for my studio work I structure my method based on traditional classical painting techniques. Working in 3 main layers, it can be broken up into the following: a base/underpainting stage, a loose colour block in stage, and a finishing stage. I work through the painting with the understanding that all layers must work together rather than to paint the same thing 3 times. I am not extremely dogmatic about my method but I do follow a logical process that takes into account the nature of oil paint. The Old Masters really knew what they were doing.

This particular painting is the third piece in a triptych that I am finishing up. This triptych is part of a larger project that I am continuing with that is essentially a large series of large landscapes. It has been very rewarding to build this series although at times the momentum of the project has tested my patience.

Along side this project is another, on the opposite end of the spectrum. A small works project, the results of which you will be seeing in monthly postings called “Painting of the Month”. If you want to get an early viewing of these paintings and advance opportunity to purchase, join my newsletter!

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