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The Country Life

Sunflowers, 18 x 20, oil on linen, 2013 copyright © Mark Reeder

This arrangement of sunflowers in an old milk jug on an old table I found is a relatively normal occurance around here. Taking a break from working in the garden, I usually like to put something like this together to bring a little beauty inside. It may not be considered by many to be a manly thing to do but thankfully I’m pretty secure in myself.:)

These little moments can easliy and often do become subjects for paintings. I love this direct line. To literally paint your life. Bob Dylan said “An artist should always be in a state of becoming.” I totally get that. I like to try to live the kind of life that I want to paint. I don’t know if I would have painted this if I still lived in the city. It would have different, as would the whole process that brought the painting into being.

Maybe someday I’ll manage to grow that field of sunflowers I have planned, if I can manage to keep the squirrels away.

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