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Drawings from the turn of the century

My how time flies. Seeing the title Drawings from the turn of the century makes me think of a time long ago. It feels like many decades rather than the small blip of time of a mere 12 years.

There was a time while I was building my career where I either didn’t or couldn’t keep very good records of my work. Some were also unfortunately lost along the way. Recently I was cleaning up around the studio and looking through a few of my books. Some happened to be thin little books of some of my old drawings, all from 1999-2001. Not many  for sure but a few to show a glimpse at where I was in my interest in drawing at the time. Also, they are a good display of my value for learning from artists that came before as most of these are studies of Old Master drawings and paintings. I wanted to share these with you, to share a little bit of my love for drawing and perhaps inspire you to pick up a pencil  and draw something yourself.

There was a time where my appetite for drawing was quite insatiable and recently I have been really hearing the call for the pencil and paper again. I am looking forward to getting back to some serious drawing soon so stay tuned, I will be posting a series of drawings in the near future.

Study after Domenichino, 2001 © Mark Reeder.

Study after Michelangelo, 2001 © Mark Reeder.

Study after Klimt, 1999 © Mark Reeder.

Study after Rodin, 1999 © Mark Reeder.

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