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New painting available

I have a new landscape available. The frame arrived the other day, just in time for the holidays. The painting is 16″ x 36″,  (24″ x 44″ with the frame), oil on linen panel and is available at the studio. If you are interested in viewing it in person feel free to send me a message to arrange your visit. I would also be happy to ship it to you.

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What’s happening in the studio

Happy valentine’s Day! This post doesn’t have anything to do with Valentine’s Day but I wish you well none the less!

This is a quick post about what’s been going on in the studio and to share a glimpse at one of the paintings I have been working on. I haven’t updated my portfolio here for a while and I am certainly looking forward to catching up on that soon.

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An afternoon in the country

Every once in a while I tear myself away from the studio and go out for a walk without my plein air easel. I actually go out for a walk just for the sake of the fresh air, the exercise, to hear the wind blow though the trees and feel the sun on my face.

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New cityscape, fresh off the easel.

When I lived in Toronto I didn’t really drive all that much. When I had to go somewhere I would usually travel the city by subway, which is always interesting. I also walked a lot. I loved walking through the city, and I would usually take short cuts through alley ways and side streets. I found these routes much more interesting than the facades of main streets with their ‘fake fronts’. By taking such detours you could see and walk through the character of the city as well as part of it’s history. It also gives you an opportunity to see some graffiti art along the way.

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Rapids on the Oxtongue river.

This is another riverscape from a series that I have been working on. There is quite a long stretch of this river not far from my home and I always enjoy taking the opportunity to go for a walk down by the water.

Landscapes are still new for me but I am becoming more inspired every time I finish a painting like this. It was quite daunting at the beginning branching out from my comfort zone of painting portraits and still life, and the odd urban scape, to a place where I could combine my love of nature with painting.

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Algonquin Rapids

I feel very fortunate to live where I do. A short drive takes me to some very special spots that some only get to see while on vacation. In 2006 I moved north from Toronto to the small village of Dwight, just outside the west gate of Algonquin Park. I smile when I see that it’s called a village, it is that small. It’s small and usually quiet even during tourist season. Living minutes away from some beautiful places such as Ragged Falls Provincial Park and Algonquin Provincial Park can be pretty amazing. Even when it takes an hour to get to some places it’s a wonderful drive.

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What’s on the easel

I started this quite a while ago and finally got back to working on it the other day. I also have a couple more landscapes in process and most of the other paintings I’ve been working through are pretty much done. It feels good to get through a big batch of work and I still have quite a bit to do. I guess I’m always chasing after the next painting, or the last one!
The last couple of days the weather has been just beautiful. Having the windows open letting in the fresh air and having the studio cleaned up nice with some great music on and getting back to this painting has put me in a pretty decent mood, so I thought I’d do a quick post to share what’s on the easel.

Hope everyone’s having a fantastic day!

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