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Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour 2017

The Muskoka Autumn studio Tour is fast approaching.  My studio will be open for the tour September 23-24 & September 30-October 1 from 10am-6pm. Come check out work in different stages and see what’s available. It’s been a very busy year with several projects in and out of the studio. All in all quite a challenge to catch up after hurting my hand last winter and I’m still working on it.  Here’ s a recent painting.

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So I hurt my hand….and it’s getting better

Hi everybody. So, this winter has been a bit of a struggle for me trying to get as much work done as I had hoped. Back at the beginning of winter I hurt my hand pretty badly. I actually thought I had broken it, but it turned out to be a ‘traumatic tendon injury’, if I’m remembering the doctors

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New online store

Hi everyone! 2 new pages are up on the website. Now you can view and purchase available work online from the comfort of your home, cottage or office when it’s convenient for you. For paintings and drawings visit the Available Works section and to choose a limited edition fine art photography print visit the Fine Art Prints section on my photography side. See something that you want but it’s sold? Let me know what you are looking for or interes

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New painting available

I have a new landscape available. The frame arrived the other day, just in time for the holidays. The painting is 16″ x 36″,  (24″ x 44″ with the frame), oil on linen panel and is available at the studio. If you are interested in viewing it in person feel free to send me a message to arrange your visit. I would also be happy to ship it to you.

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A Little Dippy

A “Dippy” is a disappearing propeller boat, originally built in Port Carling, Ontario Canada. If you’ve ever seen one, they’re pretty awesome. I wouldn’t mind having one someday. Until then, I’ll make do with painting them.

This small study of “A Little Dippy” was supposed to have sold toward the end of the Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour back at the beginning of October; however, the buyer, who was supposed to pick it up the day after the tour ended did not show up and has not contacted me. Therefore, their loss could be your gain. This small, affordable, original oil painting could be a perfect

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Still Life Paintings Available

I currently have 2 still life paintings available at The Framing Place and Gallery in Huntsville, Ontario.

I love painting still life; they are one of my favourite genres to paint. I really like how you can imply the presence of someone without actually showing them.

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What’s happening in the studio

Happy valentine’s Day! This post doesn’t have anything to do with Valentine’s Day but I wish you well none the less!

This is a quick post about what’s been going on in the studio and to share a glimpse at one of the paintings I have been working on. I haven’t updated my portfolio here for a while and I am certainly looking forward to catching up on that soon.

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Reeder’s paint box

Happy New Year!

I wanted to start off 2014 with a little post about an easel/paint box I have made. Actually, I built this quite some time ago, it just didn’t make it into my blog until now.

As some of you may know I like designing and building my own…well, everything.  My last plein air easel was quite a bit smaller and required a separate case for my paints and things. I liked that one, there was never anything wrong with it, it was just another way of going about it.

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The 5th Annual En Plein Air Painting and Auction

On Thursday July 25th I will be participating in the 5th annual En Plein Air Painting and Auction event in Huntsville Ontario. Come for a chance to bid on my painting! I will be there with 20 other local artists and dignitaries creating paintings live on the streets of downtown Huntsville between 9am-2:30pm. Live auction begins at 3pm in Partners Hall – Algonquin Theatre. All funds raised by the auction go towards art bursaries for students who are pursuing a fine arts education.
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Some book recommendations

Whether you are studying at an art school, an atelier or teaching yourself there is such an enormous amount of solid work worthy of study out there. I suggest in addition to the following short list of books, and there are many more, that you get into some intensive study of the works of your favourite artists. Museum visits will give you a more accurate representation and more rich understanding of their work and how they created them. Chase after what inspires you. Experiment. Study, study, study. Talk with other artists that share a similar interest, share what you know or are studying.
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Good studio practice ~ advice for the developing artist, Part 3

Oils, varnishes and solvents

There is most definitely a long list of oils, solvents and varnishes as well as siccatives and dryers all of which have properties unique to themselves. Not all of them mix well together so it will serve you well to study thoroughly all materials related to making art through painting.

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Good studio practice ~ Advice for the developing artist, Part 2

Some of the tools of the trade and how to care for them


As I’m sure you may know there are many types of brushes for many different purposes. Some of the shapes range from flats, filberts, to rounds and are often available at different lengths, both in their handle as well bristle/hair length. Find what works for you and also pay attention to what type of paint each brush is designed for.
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