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Algonquin Rapids

I feel very fortunate to live where I do. A short drive takes me to some very special spots that some only get to see while on vacation. In 2006 I moved north from Toronto to the small village of Dwight, just outside the west gate of Algonquin Park. I smile when I see that it’s called a village, it is that small. It’s small and usually quiet even during tourist season. Living minutes away from some beautiful places such as Ragged Falls Provincial Park and Algonquin Provincial Park can be pretty amazing. Even when it takes an hour to get to some places it’s a wonderful drive.

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  1. April 20, 2011 - Reply

    I love that park myself, i was introduce to it last fall, a group of painters will be there in the beginning of October, you can joying us if you are around.You did a beautiful work on those rapids.Cheers.

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