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New Online Store

Hi everyone! 2 new pages are up on the website. Now you can view and purchase available work online from the comfort of your home, cottage or office when it’s convenient for you. For fine art photography prints visit the Fine Art Prints section and for paintings and drawings visit the Available Works section on the fine art side. See something that you want but it’s sold out? Let me know what you are looking for or interested in. There might be another print being framed

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A Frosty Morning in Algonquin Park

Last week I spent some time in Algonquin Park looking for some new spots to photograph. Even though many may lose interest in the fall once the leaves drop, this is actually a really nice time of year. The colours are different but still interesting and the frost can make for some pretty cool textures. Also, there’s nothing like being out in the park before dawn, even on these cool mornings. Here are a few I took last week. I’m looking forward to getting out again soon.

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The Pipe Man of Huntsville

If you live in Huntsville or are a regular visitor to Muskoka you may have heard about the new and somewhat controversial art installation in town. The “Pipe Man” was donated to the town of Huntsville by Jan Nyquist, owner of Pipefusion and NyDock, in honour of his company’s 35th anniversary.

The 18’ tall monument depicts an image of Tom Thomson on one side and 35 ripples forming a stylized version of the Pipefusion logo on the other symbolizing 35 years in business. It is made from high-density polyethylene pipe, a material which should last hundreds of years. The original concept was a collaboration between Pipefusion staff and local artist Beverley Hawksley. It also lights up at night.

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Muskoka headshot photography: Booking your next headshot

These days social media is a pretty big deal, isn’t it? Some of us love it. Some, not so much. Many of us make use of multiple sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. On top of that, almost everyone online is eager to share things about themselves and post their profile pic. Its hard to deny that our face is out there a lot more and to a greater audience than before the age of social media. Because of the way things have changed, I’d say it’s more important now than ever before to use a current professional headshot.

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Why you don’t need HDR

Not too long ago I wrote an article about this subject and before I posted it, I decided to ditch it all together. I felt it was more of a rant than I wanted. Why a rant? Well I felt there needed to be some response to all this hype I still hear about HDR photography, especially in regards to real estate and architecture photography. I’m not alone and certainly not the first photographer to have a strong distaste for the use of HDR, so it’s not like my opinion is a new one. Let’s just say I’m adding my 2 cents.

If you don’t know or are unclear about what HDR is, it stands for High Dynamic Range.

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